Coronavirus Lockdown & Headaches, The Work From Home Syndrome

Headaches a minor symptom of coronavirus CIVID_19 having headaches as a first symptom is a poor diagnostic criteria. If your experiencing headaches recently this may not be a sign of coronavirus but rather a neck issue from laptop use.

But I have Never Had Headaches Before The Lockdown.

A subsequent issue from this 2020 epidemic is social distancing which is forcing more sedentary workers to work from home. This causes something called cervicogenic headaches a headache that comes from the neck been strained.

How does Working From Home Cause Headaches

Simply put ergonomics at home are often poor in comparison to a proper desktop working many people are been supplied a laptop with no peripherals (separate keyboard, mouse and screen).

Without these extra bits and bobs, your laptop is only designed for limited use. These stresses start to build after 20 - 30 mins, so any sustained use above this limit creates wear and tear to happen, these cause arthritic changes over time.

corona virus & work from home headache causes & treatment Wimbledon - desk set up

Work From Home Headache Causes

Better Ergonomics

  • Laptop Stand:

     If you in the Wimbledon area London - we sell the Nex Laptop Stand for £25 which you can bring your laptop in to try.

  • Separate Mouse and keyboard:

    We don't sell these but the Logitech keyboard works well with both apple and windows laptops with Bluetooth. They do Bluetooth mice as well :-)

Be Posture Mindful, just because you buy the best hammer and chisel doesn't make you Leonardo DaVinci same the equipment mentioned above. so follow the ground rules.

  • Dinosaur Tap:

     Your upper arms should hang next to your body like a T-rex not stretched out like a zombie.

    Your wrist should be hovering above your fingers. No resting your wrists on the table - this will contort your wrist and add further RSI problems.

  • Keyboard Distance:

    Keep the keyboard close to the edge to the table, do not have space for a piece of paper to write on between you and keyboard.

  • Belly Dancing:

    The belly button should sit less than 2 inches away from the table. but not higher or lower.

  • DJ Mouse:

     the mouse should sit to the side of the keyboard and should be moved around no more than the size of a small record, vinyl.

  • Screen Eye Height,:

    Make sure the screen is eye when the head is lifted and chin is tucked and eye eyes and ears are the same levels when observing from your side profile.

I Have Done All These And Still Experiencing Headaches

If you are in pain, yes headache is a pain, you should get in contact with your local chiropractic clinic to have you neck evaluated.

If you may have had symptoms before working from home or not - if you have seen an increase in neck pain or headaches since working from home call the clinic now.

There are not many headache types we cant help.

I Still Don't Understand

Ok, we concede this concept of the head pain not coming from the head is weird, but it's all down to pain radiation.

In the '70s, two medical doctors injected irritants into the neck muscles to find pain radiated into the back of the skull forehead, temple and around the orbit of the eye.

Next in the late 90s, the joints of the upper neck proved to radiate pain into the back of the skull while the joints of the lower neck would radiate into the shoulders.

Of course, if your neck is heald in a lousy position for over 20 mins, you start to create stress to both the neck joints and its muscles.

This stress then radiates pain into these regions and wallop! You have a headache starting to develop.

coronavirus & the work from home headache

The Work From Home Headache

- Muscle Radiation
The Work From Home Headache

The Work From Home Headache

- Joint radiation

Stages Of Work From Home Neck & Headaches

You may feel this as tiredness or lower grade ache at first than starts to spread to involve a larger location. Later in the process, sharp pain from the joints may become present that is aggravated by turning the neck to look behind you. if you have this symptom its key to pop in for a consult as your at a late stage in the process.

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