Back Pain Treatment In Wimbledon

The Cause:

The most common complaint we see in our Wimbledon Clinic is back pain. Odds are you'll have experienced back pain at some point in your life.

The most common part of the back to give pain is the small joints of the spine, not the muscles!

This "it's not the muscles its the joints" statement often seems strange to many as they often feel a sensation of tightness that's coupled with a sharper feeling.

And the typical thought process is that the tightness = muscles and the piercing = nerve pinch.

We would agree this is logical thought process but instead, the science says the sharp pain = joints rubbing and the tightness = joints are restricted.


Yes, the muscles try to protect or guard the underlying cause, much like the scaffold on the outside of a house trying to reduce stress to the walls. If these biological scaffolds have been neglected, you are more exposed to back pain. But they are only the primary source of pain in 20% of suffers.


This joint pain condition is known as 'facet syndrome' and can happen in either upper or lower back and as the name implies comes from the facet joints.


The core technique of Chiropractic is to mobilise these tight joints to preserve proper function. Once the joints aren't rubbing your body will reduce your pain. Think of joint mobilisations as repairing the walls rather than adding more scaffolding.

Although a lot of back conditions emanate from these small joints, it doesn’t account for all back pain situations. That is why our Chiropractors give you a thorough examination to find out about your problem.


The statutory regulated Chiropractic Doctors at our Wimbledon Clinic will also treat the muscles that have suffered and give email exercise in video format to ensure you know what to do.


We use a combination technique at the clinic called the four core approach which looks at straightening the spine by releasing pressure to these joints while also focusing on massage and muscle rehab. Read more about the four core approach to stability here.


At Wimbledon Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic, we only work with practitioners who are highly skilled in their techniques and can use the very best equipment; associated with other manual therapies (physiotherapy, osteopathy).

So you can be assured that our practitioners have not only the skills but also the best resources for your back pain care. 

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Advice on lower back pain treatment, Wimbledon, is only a call away. We have some back pain treatment advisors ready at our Wimbledon clinic. Our treatment advisors are prepared to answer questions about how your back pain treatment would work at our Wimbledon Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic.

The puzzle of back pain treatment choices in the Wimbledon SW19 area can often be confusing. This confusion of which treatment is best for me is something we have tried to address using our four core treatment approach (A back pain treatment method that uses massage, exercises, stretches and manipulation in combination). 

Ontop Our back pain treatment clinic is lucky that we are equipped with facilities (specialist bench, back pain specific massages, foot scanner, Ultrasound, shock wave therapy & traction tables) enabling practitioners to offer more back pain treatment options. 

As a further advantage to the classic treatment choices, we provide regular monitoring of back pain health through back postural analysis as well as postural exercises. This method is in true Wimbledon Chiropractic Style fully modernised having these back treatment exercises delivered to your email in video format. 

Our Back Pain Clinic Wimbledon offer expert medical care treating 'LOWER BACK PAIN' to REQUEST A CALL BACK - CLICK HERE.

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