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Children are resilient to many conditions and recover fast. and sadly they are often unaware of their posture.

It is often hard for parents to assess posture without any grounding in the subject. Also, let’s face it:

"Teenagers and children don’t always listen to their parents"

The majority of adolescent cases seen at the clinic are currently for the neck and upper back. As most children born in the late ’90s have already spent as many hours in front of a computer as an adult born in the early ’80s due to their earlier exposure.

However, Scoliosis is also something that starts around the ages of 10-14 years old. Interesting care is most effective in these years.

Whether it is pain, neck-related headaches or a wonky posture we see adolescents of all ages.

The nature of child growth is such that we often give exercise and a lot of posture advice that we recommend both parents are available for. Children often need positive reinforcement to change habits and well-informed guidance as they develop.

Our aim is to not only improve posture and discomfort but also to inform both child and parents with the knowledge to empower long term results.

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