Neck Pain From Sports

For years contact sports were identified as a potential place for whiplash (neck pain) type injuries. The classic Injury might develop from a fall, tackle or punch.

Lately, we also see pain developing from the simple quick turning of the neck!  People who work at computers tend to develop neck imbalance and are at risk from this seemly simple aggravation as their necks tend to be unstable.

This unstable neck has even being termed "TEXT NECK" & it comes from a laptop, smartphone and tablet use. Text Neck It is characterised as the head moving forward from the upright position and here it is more susceptible to a sports injury.


The forward movement over-stresses the neck and leads to spinal decay/ accelerated wear and tear.


 Often it seems as though the pain has come from an unknown cause as the patient just wakes up feeling the symptoms or large pain develops from little motion. This can often be the straw that broke the camel back "the last straw" for the neck rather than the issues cause.

If you have had any impact on the neck or feel that your pain has just developed you need to be seen as soon as possible for evaluation.


We will not only give you a plan of treatment to reduce pain but also focus on neck strength and posture to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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