Join our Chiropractic team!

“Over the years of training & working as Chiropractor I quickly realised that I wanted to provide the best care to my patients and I have never met a Chiropractor or another manual therapist that has felt different. This was my primary purpose in developing the Marman Chiro way.”

- Niall Marshall-Manifold DC

The second purpose came from seeing and conversing with professional colleagues. Each colleague often felt that two distinct grievances with the clinical environment they worked:

  • They didn't get marketing support.
  • They felt a lack of investment in treatment facilities.

We know each clinic needs exceptional Chiropractors who stay with us every step of the way to create bigger better support for them to work.

As a Chiropractor you have the ability to change and choose between jobs, therefore, the welfare of our Chiropractors is our top priority.

Our Chiropractors enjoy the freedom to practice in a dynamic environment with:

  • Digital x-ray
  • Digital notes
  • Extensive treatment tools

Together with the right financial remuneration, we feel this makes many happy. However, we don't stop there we are also engaged in a training commitment to further both your patient communication and technique skills. New positions are also suited to graduates and we offer full training and support to all successful candidates


  • You will always be surrounded by experienced Chiropractors for support
  • Two weeks of intensive training when starting consisting of client management and technique to make sure that you are confident with your clients
  • Between two to three, in-clinic seminars (CPD is sorted), currently focused on technique
  • Access to our own online training modules to learn new techniques and re-visit old ones
  • It’s our aim to make our Chiropractors as successful as possible


  • An in-house dedicated marketing department, not a chiropractor, to allow a steady flow of patients
  • We use a fantastic integrated platform that integrates patients digital notes, x-rays and uses an automated (email/text message) recalls and appointment reminders. This means no lost notes, no reactivation letters and no hassle.
  • Endless amounts of new patients so you don’t need to worry about the income stream

Working at a MARMAN Chiro Clinic

  • All clinics have a number of experienced chiropractors and other therapists (so you won't be left alone in a room)
  • We aim to get every Chiropractor treating 80 - 100 patients per week, patients are normally block-booked to give you spare slots that can be used for patient management.
  • We are all friends and work in a relaxed setting, you will have the freedom to enjoy your profession without continuously being scrutinised. We don't want robots and love individuality and personality.

Personal benefits of working at a MARMAN Chiropractic Clinic

  • An initial retainer to make sure you are not stressed about finances
  • First-year GCC fees paid (new grads only)
  • An initial bridging loan available to get you started (deposit for flat, annual train ticket etc.)