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Full In-clinic Consult - £65

New Clients Only

Ideal for those who prefer direct interaction from the outset, this option encompasses a comprehensive 'FULL CHIROPRACTIC CONSULTATION' session. It encompasses the History Of The Case (delving into your medical history and condition narrative), a thorough examination, a verbal findings report, and a personalized care plan.

Quick NOTE: Please be aware that the 'FULL CONSULTATION' session, while comprehensive, may have limited availability due to its time-intensive nature. If your preferred time slots aren't initially open for this session, we suggest considering the Tele-Consult option first. Opting for a Tele-Consult can often speed up the case history phase and lead to faster in-clinic scheduling.

Tele-Consult - £15

(consult part 1) New Clients Only

Streamlined Approach for Your Convenience:

  • We'll review your case history over the phone before your in-person session.

  • This minimizes face-to-face time, making it simpler to accommodate your preferred schedule.

  • The phone call usually fits within a lunch break or during a hands-free commute to our clinic.

  • Our Chiropractic Doctors will call you at your chosen time to discuss your condition's details. They can also arrange follow-up in-house sessions if beneficial. CAN WE ASSIST YOU? This teleconsult option is also perfect for those seeking professional insights before committing time and resources to an in-clinic visit. NOTE: No additional fees compared to the standard consultation process for selecting this option.

  • CRUCIAL: Complete the new patient form (provided in the confirmation email). Doing so before your scheduled appointment allows our Chiropractic Doctors to review your medical history, enhancing the value of the session.

If you reside with someone and own an Apple/Android smartphone, the appointment includes body shape analysis via our app. Personalized digital exercises addressing your specific concerns will be tailored accordingly. More details can be found in the tele-consult email confirmation - Simply click Select & Book Now.

Shock Wave Consult - £65

New Clients Only

During this in-clinic shock wave therapy consultation (focused or radial types), we will delve into the Case history, discussing your medical background and the narrative of your condition.

Our examination will determine the suitability and safety of shock wave treatment for your case, followed by the formulation of a tailored treatment plan. This comprehensive session is priced at £65, with a designated 45-minute time slot to allow ample room for thorough discussion (though your appointment may conclude sooner).

Kindly ensure that the affected area is readily accessible for examination during your appointment. 

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