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Calf pain is a potential Injury site for any running or jumping athlete as this muscle has to hold your whole body weight. With such a task, it is easy to understand how pain can develop from overstress. - If it becomes tight it can also rip and tear itself to create disabling pain.

Often the warrior athlete may run through this discomfort but then you create a worse condition and inevitably lengthen your recovery.

The sooner you seek to care the sooner you can function again.

Calf Pain Source

While a pain in calf area can come from the knee joint or the tendons (Achilles tendon below and gastro tendons above) it all too often comes from muscles in this region.

Unfortunately, there are 6 muscles that can generate calf pain. Your calf treatment professional at the Wimbledon Clinic will sort out the causes and diagnose your calf pain generator appropriately.

While the source of the discomfort indicates a specific treatment it, more importantly, indicates an over stress to this area, say a particular muscle.

This, in turn, gives your practitioner an idea of the errors that you are making and he/she will aim to go into 'Injury Coach Mode' and train you out of this habit and guard you against further occurrence. If you only in mild pain it can be good to attend the clinic and start this mode to prevent any improve.

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Calf Treatment hands-on

Of course, should your pain be generated from the knee joints or tendons we will use a different treatment protocol but below we will give you an idea beyond the 'Coach Mode Method' of how hands-on therapy we happen moving forward?

Muscles pain generally comes from a tear of the fibres of muscles (muscle pull) this will be graded on a severity scale 1-3. Interestingly, muscles tears heal in 3 days to 6 weeks depending on grade.

However, patients with calf muscle pain have had the condition of some time on and off and this indicates an older tear that has healed poorly. Poor healing in a muscle feels like a knot and under a microscope this looks like gristle in steak. This gristle acts like a spanner in the cogs of the muscle engine. Creating pain and intermittent yanks/ pulls/ spasms.

Treatment should obviously be focused on removing this spanner and that is what we aim to do with our calf treatment protocol. This means breaking down the gristle and the oldest method to do this is sports massage - this is effective for a healed grade 1 tear but often isn't sufficient for grades 2-3.

For these high grades, we will use shockwave therapy (most effective) or ultrasound and mix it with our high standard percussion therapy, active release therapy (sports massage), heat and our video rehabilitation rehab methods

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