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Four signs that you're wearing the wrong running shoes

Running is a beautiful form of exercise that is beneficial for both your physical and mental health

Running is a beautiful exercise that benefits your physical and mental health. But, wearing the wrong type of running shoes can cause you needless pain and even result in injury. Below, we explore four signs that you may be wearing the wrong type of running shoes, helping you reevaluate what type of running shoes you should buy.

1. Aching arches

Running shoes need to be supportive to help you avoid unnecessary injury, such as twisting your ankle. If your running shoe is too big, then this can affect the muscles at the base of the foot. These muscles must work extra hard to keep the shoe on your foot as you run. This can result in the tightening of your heel and inflammation. This can then cause plantar fasciitis.

2. Your toes and toenails become bruised

If your running shoes are too small, this can result in bruised toes. Sometimes, it can even result in lost nails. As a result of too small shoes, you may notice hardening of the skin and ingrown toenails. This is why it is essential always to get your feet measured and wear the correct size.

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3. You have changed your running style

One of the most significant signs that you are wearing the wrong type of running shoes is that you have had to change how you run. This may be due to ill-fitting shoes or a shoe with little grip or flexibility. Altering your running style may result in undue pressure on your ankle and tendons, leading to unwanted injury.

4. A lack of wiggle room

Running shoes should support your feet and not easily slip off. But, they should also allow your toes to wiggle about easily. If there is a lack of wiggle room, then as you run and your feet become warm and expand, your toes begin to rub, resulting in pain and possible injury.

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You have changed your running style