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Full Guide to Preventing Back Pain for Athletes and Body Builders

Physical activity is the best medicine in the doctor’s book. That daily morning jog can help to reduce visceral fat and help you ward off many conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. However, did you know that without the right approach, a workout can do you more harm than good?

Around 20% of odd sports injuries often lead to lower back pain problems. The fact that sporting and exercise carry a significant risk of lower back injury does not advocate for sedentary living. Here are the tips to prevent back injuries in sports and fitness activities.

Wear the right shoes

The right shoes for injury-free training have adequate support features and deep cushioning.

Find a shoe with a thick outsole, and a short and broad heel.

Flat shoes do not provide sufficient support for your legs and lower back, while high heeled shoes will put a strain on your back

Get into lots of core training

You need a strong core to help your back withstand the pressure of repetitive motions.

Core strengthening exercises to ready your back for intense sporting action include squats, pilates, and crunches.

Stretch to warm up your muscles

Before getting into a fast sprint, or weight lifting, give your body enough warm up with light cardio and stretches.

This pre-workout routine helps to wake up the muscles and prevent the risk of back sprain.

Also, ensure to maintain proper body mechanics throughout the exercise.

Perfect your posture

When lifting weights, maintain a straight back, and keep your head slightly raised when tackling an opponent in football.

Sporting action, including running, or jumping can result in strains, tears, and sprains in the muscles of the back.

An experienced chiropractor can help to heal your sports injuries and prevent them after you recover.

Back Pain Treatment

As opposed to traditional medication, chiropractic therapy helps to initiate the body’s natural self-healing process.

Chiropractic therapies used to treat back pain can help you achieve long term relief not only from back pain but also neck, shoulder, ankle, and knee injuries.

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