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Sit for longer without lower back pain

Lower back pain

Lower back pain is a common problem, especially for those of us who spend a lot of our day sitting behind a desk or staring at a computer screen. We know that standing and moving about is good for our posture and can relieve back pain, but what happens when we need to sit for long periods? Below we share some helpful tips on how you can sit for longer without lower back pain.

Invest in a foot stool

Using a footstool as you sit at your desk will ensure that your knees and hips are positioned in a right-angle shape, which helps keep your spine in the correct position. This will help to reduce lower back pain.

Do not cross your legs

Try not to cross your legs as you sit. Not only is this bad for your circulation, but it twists the spine. Both feet should always be firmly planted on the floor or a footstool.

The right chair

The right chair

Just as posture is important, so is the right chair. A high-backed chair with armrests and firm support is a good choice. Don't slouch on a soft couch, as this offers no lower back support.

Use a lumbar support

If you suffer from persistent lower back pain, lumbar support may help relieve the pain. This should be positioned in the curve of your spine. As an emergency measure, a rolled-up towel can do the job.

The right height

If you sit for long periods, it is essential that your chair is the right height to avoid straining your back and putting pressure on the spine. You should be able to sit comfortably, back straight, and work on your computer quickly.

Stand up when you can

Finally, stand and stretch at least every fifteen to twenty minutes if you can. This will ease pain and stretch your muscles.

For further advice and a free consultation, please contact us here at Wimbledon Clinic, the building that houses the Wimbledon Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic. We have various treatment options, including massage and physio, plus support pillows that can help relieve lower back pain.

The right chair