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How To Get The Best Experience - 1st Paediatric Chiropractic Visit

Feeling unable to do anything about your child's pain is one of the most challenging things about being a parent. Still, we aim to assist with these challenges at Wimbledon chiropractic and sports injury clinic. 

What's Going To Happen?

There are many body conditions and injuries that a chiropractor can treat, when indicated, in babies and children. The most common issues parents come to us for are: birth trauma, growing pains, mechanical back and neck pain, and various injuries.

After all the chatter about taking your child to a chiropractor with the other moms and dads at playgroup, you took the healthcare decision and made your first appointment for your child. And now have no idea what to expect and how to prepare. - This post gives you better insight into managing these questions and concerns

1st visit - pediatric chiropractic in wimbledon

How to prepare:

Soon after you have made the appointment, the friendly receptionist or practice system should send you a confirmation email with a form containing information such as personal details and past medical history that will need to be completed before your appointment.

On the day of your appointment, it is good to know that the practice does have parking spaces outside the rooms. The practice is pram-friendly, and there are diaper changing and feeding rooms available to you.

Regarding when to book your appointment to fit the baby's schedule, the practice has allocated a mum and babes day on Wednesdays from noon to 14:00 every week.

Please feed your baby according to their regular feeding schedule, and you may utilise the feeding rooms should your baby be hungry before or after the appointment. Ideally, you will want to feed your baby before the appointment to maximise the appointment time. 

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Consultation Journey Parts

Consultation and Case History:

Once the practitioner has read over your forms, we start by history taking for a complete record of the background surrounding the birth and early few days or years of your child's life.

After that, there will be an in-depth history of your health and the baby's health during the pregnancy, labour and delivery. Also, noting the parent's concerns, sleeping and feeding habits, developmental patterns, milestones, bowel movements, exercises and stimulation activities.

The practitioner will also record previous medical history or significant family history. Patient confidentially is maintained throughout this whole process.

Consultation Journey Parts


The examination is different from infant to child.

Baby Exam:

Initially, the examination starts with a general observation of the baby to examine your baby's body health; including their muscle tone, posture, and head shape (NOTE: the parents are accompanying the baby at all times)

Special tests, including primitive reflexes, then follow. The practitioner uses gentle palpation to assess your baby's muscle tone, spine, and skull.

Child Exam:

The examination follows a more similar pattern to an adult chiropractic assessment for older children, including assessing your child's biomechanics through postural analysis, spinal analysis, orthopaedic and neurological exam.

Consultation Journey Parts

Report of Findings:

After the examination, the Chiropractor will summarise the Chiropractic report of findings and give you an opinion on the suitability of chiropractic treatment for your baby or child.

You will be able to consent to any treatment before commencing.


Chiropractic care for babies involves very soft and gentle techniques. The practitioner uses no more pressure than you can comfortably place over your closed eyelid as an adult.

We do our best to allow your baby to feel relaxed and at ease during the treatment. We achieve this by using a unique baby pillow that supports and sets around your baby during treatment, making them feel extra comfortable.

Parents are in the consultation room throughout the treatment. Treatment may or may not start on the first visit, depending on the individual case and parental consent.

Wimbledon Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic has a zoned area made available on Baby Days where your child pram can be loaded inside the building and you and other mums can chat. If your child is ready for treatment we will take them in and if they are not we may take in another mum while they settle or feed run smoothly and efficiently.

The practitioners take time to explain the chiropractic treatment to kids in a friendly and fun way, and we have plenty of toys for them to ensure they have a good experience at our clinic.

Who Will I See

Dr Thriya Pillay

Thriya Pillay is our resident go-to for paediatric care, kids and parents enjoy her outcoming calming nature and she will help guide your child's spine and body tissues to be all they can be.

Some children take new faces well, and this can be a minor hurdle to overcome for others. We feel knowing a little about the practitioners can be very helpful in calming anxieties, and lessening this hurdle is extra special.

Remember: The first session will become an introduction to the space and also the practitioner.

Baby Days at Wimbledon Chiropractic and Sports Injury Clinic

Below Are A Few Common Questions & Answers About Baby Days

When are our baby days?

Every Wednesday from 12:00 to 14:00

These days are allocated for mums to bring their little ones for chiropractic screening and treatment. The concept was to enable a degree of socialising with other mums and mini play dates for your little one. The goal is to create additional support during this journey of parenthood and friend-making for your babies.

We often have basic tea and coffee stations set up and a play area for the babies while you wait for your consultation. If your baby isn't relaxed or needs a feed/ change for a session; we will often take in the next client to give you time to acclimatise. We hope your experience at Wimbledon chiropractic is made safe and enjoyable for you and your little one.

How do baby days work?

Regular vs Extended consultations?

Baby days are allocated for uncomplicated cases, including screening and general treatment. Suppose, during the consultation; the practitioner finds that your baby will require more time and attention. In that case, they will suggest an extended session, usually an hour-long on Wednesday or another day suited for both parent and practitioner. The practice will give enough notice to help prepare you. 

How can I commute to the practice?

The practice is located in an ideal location for either public transport or if you prefer driving. It is about an 8-minute walk from Wimbledon tube station and a 3-minute walk from Craven Garden bus stop. The practice has allocated parking spaces if you wish to drive. 

Can I bring the babies stroller with me?

The practice has broad door access to make it friendly to bring along your stroller 

How should I prepare my baby?

Ideally, we would like the baby to be happy and fed before consultations to avoid delays and overlapping consultations. Still, we understand how unpredictable they can be, so the staff is very understanding and accommodating. Try to feed your baby an hour before consultations; if the appointment falls within feeding time, don't worry! If required, we have allocated rooms for feeding and changing, fully equipped with nappies and wipes.

If we have missed any information that you require, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Baby Days - What are they?

Baby-Days vs Extended Consultations

At Wimbledon Chiropractic and Sports Injury Clinic, there is much emphasis on individually tailored care specific to each patient's needs. Upon launching our paediatric-centred days we have tailored this to the needs of your little ones. We have structured the appointments to ensure consultations are as efficient and effective for both your little one and the clinic. 

The difference between the two consultations:


These fall under the allocated baby-centred days by the clinic, these are for uncomplicated cases that require maintenance checkups and treatment by the specialised practitioner. These appointments allow for mums to mingle with other mums and baby's to feel comfortable in a child-friendly environment set up by the clinic. These appointment types are 15 minutes in duration; which includes a follow-up examination and treatment when indicated. 

For more information please don't hesitate to contact us 


One-on-One consultations aren't specified to the allocated baby-centred days, these appointment types can be made any day given the practitioner's availability. These are set up for cases that require more time for either your little one or the practitioner. These can either include a fussy baby or a more complex case. The practitioner will advise you which appointment type is best suited for you and your little one during your initial interaction with the practitioner. 

For more information please don't hesitate to contact us 

Children vs Young Adults

This classification is determined by your child's age

  • An infant is anything from a newborn till 1 years of age 
  • Children are anything from 2 years of age till 13 years of age
  • Young adults are anything from 14 years till 17 years of age

Children's assessment consists of:

  • General observation of the child to examine your baby's body health; including their muscle tone, posture, and head shape 
  • Special tests, including primitive reflexes 
  • Gentle palpation to assess your baby's muscle tone, spine, and skull.

A young adult's assessment consists of:

The examination follows a more similar pattern to an adult chiropractic assessment for older children, including

  • Biomechanics assessment through postural analysis, spinal analysis, orthopaedic and neurological exam.