How to safely improve your ‘X-Factor’ in Golf

How to safely improve your ‘X-Factor’ in Golf

Safely improving the x-factor of your swing is a must for golfers of all stripes. But unless you’re careful, increasing the length of your drive can come with a high cost. So, what is your ‘x-factor’, and why is it essential to manage it safely?

What is it?

A perfect example can be seen in Rory McIlroy’s performance in the 2013 season, where he continuously led the field despite being 5'10" and 11.4st, compared to the average player who clocked in at 6'1" and 13.3st. Despite this size disparity, McIlroy generated heaps of power in his swing, which perfectly complemented his phenomenal precision with ball placement.

This power was and still is generated by McIlroy’s rotational speed along his x-axis. Known as the ‘kinetic chain’ in golf, players draw power from the ground up, channelling their swing from their legs, along their spine and torso, through the arms, and finally down through the club. The length of the drive is due to the hips and shoulders – with the distance between the two being the ‘x factor, the degree of contortion the spine undergoes. The higher the degree of contortion, the greater the length of the drive… and the damage to the spine.

But if you drive hundreds if not thousands of balls while training daily, those injuries soon start to stack up. This inescapable damage makes spinal problems almost inevitable for golfers.

However, simple treatment can often help prevent this damage from catching up with you or work to actively mitigate an ongoing condition.

While guided training should always address this, some damage is inevitable

How can we help

There is a straightforward reason player like Woods, Els, and Norman are constantly plagued by injuries. Simply put, any high-power, repetitious exercise will almost always result in long-term damage to your body.

While guided training should always address this, some damage is inevitable. We aim to help manage this by healing the body without the need for invasive surgeries and working to manage your discomfort and treat any accompanying issues to your condition or injury. In the case of a rotational injury, we deploy vertebrae manipulation to relieve locked joints, video rehab to reinforce and improve good habits to retain your learning, and massage as a free complimentary extra to make sure that you leave our doors in the best shape possible.

So, if you’re looking to improve your swing, always look for something you can do today that your body will thank you for tomorrow.

While guided training should always address this, some damage is inevitable

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